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no stone unturned

no stone unturned

Simone || IT || 18
I was born in the wrong place, my home is where my dear ones are. I deal with the distance everyday, but it does not even matter.

Dedicated to a friend

I still can’t accept this thing

I still can’t believe you’re here no more

I’d rather this was one of your jokes

But it’s just the cruel truth.

You didn’t deserve so much pain

You didn’t deserve all that

I just hope you’re fine now

Wherever you are.

Your smile is unforgettable

and I swear to God

I’ll keep you deep inside in my heart

and live as you’ve taught me to.

Thank you for every moment you spent with and for me, giving me pieces of advices, tips to come out from every situations, strenght and a friendly love. My eyes are still full of tears and my heart will always be, but I’ll try to live smiling just like you have done, also when life gets hard.

I’ll miss you, F., rest in peace.

This is the story of two hearts,
of two souls living miles apart.
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